Why Commotrack is better than Excel

Before Commotrack, the issue of management 0f business processes of commodity traders was solved by Excel. Many companies have long used bulky spreadsheets.

Now they have Commotrack:

    • Preset business processes based on a real business needs and experience, using the best practices
    • Optimization of the team: a minimum of calls, meetings
    • Increased security: minimal risk of data leak, control of employees
    • Reduced risk of human factors: data validation and cross-checking in each step
    • Accessibility: the ability to enter and view data from any phone and tablet
    • A large number of users at the same time, the absence of data conflicts
    • Differentiation of access for different groups of users
    • Easy and convenient tools for data entering save a lot of time for employees
    • Reporting: users do not have collect data from different files, to search for errors, and to take the time to organize and consolidation of information